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Version 0.0.16B and version 0.0.17 Released

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We had released the version 0.0.16B which includes some bug fixes for IE (6,7 y 8 ) and overall

Also we had released version 0.0.17 which includes the following:

  • Bug fixes for  IE (6,7 y 8 ) and overall
  • New property added on Day view : “scale”  , this one draws the hour sections at different height  1=30px or  0=60px see image 1 and image 2


  • We changed the way it renders the vents/tasks on day view with the property  “forceTaskFit” , see image 3

  • We also added on dayview a new method called “refreshevents_only” this way we ensure only the events are refreshed instead of the whole view
'TaskMoved':{<br />
fn: function (newDataTask,Taskobj,dxview,TaskEl) {   // do some stuff <br />
var test=21;  // use breakpoint in firefox here <br />
task = newDataTask; <br />
datatest ='Task id:'  + task[0] + ' -- ' + task[2] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='recid:'    + task[1] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='starts:'    + task[3] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='ends:'   + task[4] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='contents:' + task[5] + '&lt;br&gt;'; <br />
datatest+='index:'    + task[6] + '&lt;br&gt;'; <br />
datatest+='Location: '     + task[7] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='allday : '     + task[8] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
datatest+='isholiday :'     + task[9] + '&lt;br&gt;';<br />
Ext.Msg.alert('Information taskmoved - Modified', datatest); <br />
var myrecordtask = task[1] );<br />
myrecordtask.beginEdit();<br />
myrecordtask.set('startdate',task[3] ); <br />
myrecordtask.set('enddate',  task[4] );<br />
myrecordtask.endEdit(); <br />
if (dxview.referid=='dayview'){ <br />
dxview.refreshevents_only();<br />
} <br />
var test=11; <br />
}, scope:this<br />

(NOTE ) This version 0.0.17 is experimental  due the new render method integrated in day view  we are not 100% accurate that will work fine, we are still testing on production environments to fix at 100%

New Support Forum

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Hi everyone..!

We have released a support forum for our current projects.

Please visit in order to access the forum

This is an addon to provide better service, track issues and help developers using our projects..!


Version 0.0.16 released compatibility with Extjs 3x

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hi all, After several health issues and delays we finally have recovered not at 100% but enough to release a new patch  compatible with 3x

Also the new version 1x is still on the works , remember the 1x will be compatible with 2x, 3x , AIR,  mobile devices and more, more views..!

NOTE: Some users were concerned about the new views EXTJS is developing,  no matter this new competition from the creators of ExtJS in calendar views. We will continue with new versions, more views (10+ are on design stage and planning), more documentation , VIDEOs and tutorials  upcoming..!

Also a new forum is in progress so you can be sure that we will have better documentation and learning curve in the E2CS calendar.

Looking for people to join the calendar staff

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Hi everyone, due to health issues that i’ve  been suffering on  the last months , we are looking for people interested in joining the e2cs calendar staff.

Interested people please contact me at the contact page on the blog, please include your experience on EXTjs, CSS, HTML y javascript.

Note: mainly we are looking for people living on Mexico City or surrounding areas. If people outside Mexico want to contribute or join please tell me on which hours you could so i can schedule all the work for the calendar. also by which means we can communicate better (skype by preference).

Also we are working on other extjs projects such as: E2CS calendar Mobile for SOS6,  XT printer version 1.0 , Extjs Report designer (similar like what crystal reports does).

Sorry about the delay cause of health issues, its hard for me to keep up the working hours i used to work a few months back, but i consider my health is a big issue i have to get in good shape asap…!

Thanks for your support and interest on the calendar and other projects.

New Version 0.0.15 Is released..!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Hi everyone..!

First of all, an apology for the delay on the new release. we had some troubles with the  documentation delivery but its now online and the Help-Air version also updated..!

There were many changes on new properties, methods and many bug and issue fixes..!

To see the changes check the Calendar-History log here..!

Also we encourage the developers to report the issues, bugs and requesting new features here or in the extjs forum thread..!

Have fun..!